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Chang Gung University Writing Center


Introduction from Greg

The Language Center is pleased to announce a new service open to all students and faculty –the Writing Center , located in the Teacher's Corner on the 3rd floor of the First Medical Building .

Open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm-3pm , the Writing Center is available for anyone who would like a native English speaker (Greg McCann) to read their English essay or document and be given suggestions on how the text might be changed or adjusted to sound the way you want it to.

Meeting with Writing Center tutor Greg McCann will be a 2-way communication where your paper is read and discussed. Mr. McCann will usually begin by asking you what kind of assignment this is, and what areas you think you need the most assistance in. In the next step, Greg will read your paper out loud to you. Hearing someone else read your words out loud allows you to hear your paper in a way that can enable you to detect mistakes or awkward phrasing that might not be so obvious when reading it by yourself.

Next, we will focus on major problem areas (if any). Small grammar errors might be quickly marked while reading the paper, but the main focus of a Writing Center meeting is to discuss conceptual, organizational, and clarification issues. Please note that the Writing Center is not a “fix it” shop where Mr. McCann quickly fixes all problems on your paper for you. It is hoped that by going over your paper together, that both you, the author, and your tutor can make your paper a better English text by working together on it.

All visitors are entitled to at least 15 minutes with the tutor (if there is no one waiting in line behind you, you can have more time). If Mr. McCann is working with someone when you arrive, you will sign up on a waiting list. There are comfortable couches and English magazines for you to read while you wait. Remember that the Writing Center hours are from 1pm-3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and that the earlier you arrive, the better chance you have of getting more time talking about your essay.

Hope to see you there!



Writing Center
Teacher's Corner, 3 rd Floor, First Medical Building
03-2118800, Ext.3590



2.活動地點醫學大樓三樓 語文中心 英語會話區


4.指導老師語文中心 葛瑞格老師(Gregory E. McCann)









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