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1. English Requirements for Graduation for Undergraduate Students
Ratified on September 22, 2006
First amended on December 11, 2008
(1). In order to enhance the English proficiency of its undergraduate students, Chang Gung University has established the English Graduation Requirement.
(2). All undergraduate students have to take one of the following English proficiency tests and meet its respective requirement before graduation.
  1. Pass the High-Intermediate Test of GEPT
  2. TOEFL score of 500 and above
  3. Computer-Based TOEFL score of 173 and above, iBT TOEFL score of 61 and above.
  4. FLPT-English with an average score of 65 and above.
  5. IELTS 5 and above.
  6. TOEIC score of 600 and above.
  7. BULATS score of 45 and above.
(3). Students who have met any of the listed testing requirements please bring the original score report and a copy and come to the Language Center to registrar the meeting of the English Graduation Requirement.
(4). Students who have taken once the listed English proficiency test and failed meeting the requirement would be eligible for taking On-Campus English Proficiency Test starting the second semester of the third year of their study in the University, and by then these students are also given the option of using a more relaxed scale for measuring their English proficiency, and please contact the Language Center for details. 
(5). The English Proficiency requirement is intended for students whose mother tongue is not English, and for students who are native English speakers have to show other kinds of proves of English proficiency, such as a SAT or ACT score report. 
(6). Graduate students of this university will have an English proficiency requirement set by their own departments or schools and are not subject to this regulation. 
(7). This regulation takes effect in September 2006 and can only be amended with the approval of the Academic Affairs Meeting.
2. Criteria for Waiving Freshman English Course
Undergraduate students can waive 2 or 4 credits of Freshman English courses if they have taken any of the following English proficiency tests and met its respective criteria.


Waiving 2Credits 750


Basic Test for Intermediate Advance Level 5.5 250 65
Waiving 4 Credits 850


Advance Test for Intermediate Advance Level 6.0 310 72