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About us


To improve the quality of English education and through up-to-date multimedia technology and learning activities to elevate the learning interests and results of students. To help students communicate effectively in English while participating in international activities and help students to meet the university's English proficiency requirements, so as to build a solid English foundation for their future careers and academic pursuit.



1. Design and conduct freshman English courses.

2. Offer elective English courses to supplement the General Education Program.

3. Design and conduct advanced English courses for sophomore, junior, and senior students.

4. Administer on-campus English Proficiency test.

5. Design and organize various English learning activities.

6. Organize other foreign language courses.



The Language Center Director oversees the various courses and activities organized by the center. There are English Activities Section, General English Proficiency Test Section, and Foreign Language Section that are headed by the center's professors. The respective sections are responsible for the organization of English learning activities, Online General English Proficiency Tests, and foreign language courses. A full-time administrative assistant is responsible for supporting all teaching and administrative works.



There are at present four language laboratories to offer two hundred and forty users up-to-date multimedia language laboratories, and language teaching systems that allow students to practice speaking and listening skills. In addition, all laboratories are equipped with overhead projectors, CD/DVD players.